Lina Zeldovich - New York Writer and Journalist

Nautilus, Scientific American, Psychology Today,,, New York Press


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Writing * Editing * Web Publishing Translations * Science * Technology * Health Travel * Food * Theater

Awards and Accolades
  • John Horgan Award for Science Reporting
  • Writer’s Digest 2010 non-fiction First Prize
  • Writer’s Digest Top One Hundred Award 2008
  • Writer’s Digest Honorary Mention 2010
  • Anne O’Hare McCormick Scholar
  • Rose Biller United Jewish Appeal Scholar

Lina Zeldovich grew up in a family of Russian scientists listening to bedtime stories about the inner workings of volcanos and black holes. Now she writes about science, medicine, health, environment and technology. She likes interviewing scientists and writing stories about their work for people to read and wonder. She graduated Columbia University School of Journalism with honors in science reporting and won John Horgan science writing award for her story Fly Walker, which featured a biologist and a physicist who teamed up to create an artificial intelligence mechanism to help advance the understanding of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Among her other projects are long-form narratives about a mosquito-repellant device built by two Columbia astrophysicists to fight malaria in rural Africa, advancements in treating amputees’ phantom pains with mirror therapy and other stories. She holds a B.S. in computer science from Brooklyn Polytechnic University and had worked for McKinsey & Company before coming to J-School. Her work has appeared in, Huffington Post,, and Manhattan Media publications. She also writes about travel and food, does translations, occasionally pens fiction and essays, and has won three Writer's Digest Awards. She hopes that one day scientists will find a way to squeeze more hours in a day, because there is so much to write about and so little time.

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